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New Year's resolutions your dog wishes you would make

Happy New Year from the PDTE! We are looking forward to promoting, sharing and raising awareness about all things dog in the coming year. We asked some of our PDTE members and friends to share their dog-related New Year’s resolutions, and it became clear that everyone hopes to spend more quality time with their canine friends in 2016. So what are our members and friends planning this year? “To take my dog to the city for walking – it’s a 20 minute drive to the closer ‘big city’ with 3,000 people. My dogs love it.” Michelle, France IDTE 2015 “In 2016 I want to help more owners enjoy their dogs and communicate effectively with them. I think it’s easy for those working in the dog training world to forget how overwhelming dog ownership can be, and I want to extend the same patience towards my clients that I do towards their dogs. Everyone has to start somewhere, and there is always more to learn!” Harriet Alexander, United Kingdom “I would like to develop some nose work each day for my dog and find an activity to enrich all the kindness that he has.” Laura Evans, Valencia, Spain IDTE 2015 “To stop hugging my dog all the time.” Carole, France IDTE 2015 “My purpose for 2016 is to keep learning about dogs and for dogs...I hope I will discover a little more every day.” Julia Guiu, Barcelona, Spain IDTE 2015 “My resolution for next year is to spend more ‘hanging around time’ in and outside the house with my two senior dogs - Nikita born 1997 and Finn born 2005.” Susi Roger, Switzerland

“To spend more time with my dogs just hanging out with them.” Marina Gates Fleming, Belgium “To give an opportunity to do nosework every day.” Paulina Druri, France “For 2016 I strive to listen more to my dogs’ wishes. Mostly they have to go along with my life - my schedule is their schedule. I need to give them more choices. They so love to have their own mind on things.” Sonja Hoegen, PDTE Treasurer, Germany “More scenting activities for Gulli (at least once a week) and I will stop calling Gulli back every 5 minutes during walks.” Bénédicte, France IDTE 2015 “I would like to help more people in my country understand their dogs, which will help them to have a better relationship with their best friends. I would like to make people aware of electric collars and ball games in my country, and make people aware of puppy/kitten farms. I am a member of an expert group working on new animal protection law with cooperation from the Czech Parliament, so I would like to help improve the law to protect animals. I would also like to learn more about herbs to be able to help dogs cope better with their owners and behaviourial issues.” Dr Martina Naceradska, Czech Republic “To perform different and enriching activities every day for dogs to avoid the daily routine.” Nuria Janeiro, Spain “Observing my dogs to understand them better” Brigitte, France IDTE 2015 “My plans are to spend more time with my dog and make good plans for when our new baby arrives. And to try and distribute more of Turid Rugaas’ work in my region to break the traditions of old-fashioned dog schools.” Kevin Stouten, Belgium

“I would love 2016 to be the year of: surprises for unexpected ideas for toys, walks and chews; prohibition of prong and shock collars and painful harnesses; closing of puppy mills; awareness that puppies should stay with their mum until at least 10 weeks; inspirational meetings and conversations; launching of my study of calming signals in horses; finding a perfect balance between work and rest, together with my animals.” Rachael Peters, The Netherlands “Prepare raw food for my dog Diana and stop feeding dry food” Laure, France IDTE 2015 “More frequent and longer walks, and fun activities with my lovely dog Mira, because she is worth it!” Monica Grönkvist-Carlsson, Sweden “I want to offer my dogs at least one new culinary experience each week, such as a taste they have never tasted before or preparing a food that they already know in a new way.” Sabrina Klob, Belgium “Preparing raw food meals as often as possible, as well as organising walks with my friends and dog’s friends a few times per month.” Séverine, France IDTE 2015 “My dogs made their own resolution and started digging! So my resolution is to leave them some digging spots where they want.” Luc, France IDTE 2015

“My resolution is to spend more quality time with my dogs; time not on the phone, not on the computer and not watching TV. When my friends and family are around I spend proper time with them, not doing chores or work, and I am planning to extend the same courtesy to my dogs. They so enjoy it when I just hang out with them but I don’t do it enough. It will benefit me too to have more calm, quiet, contemplative time.” Winkie Spiers, PDTE Chair, United Kingdom

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