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Beate Bjørnhom, Norway: "The Physical benefits of search games"


Stefania Acquesta, Italy: "Toad-tally Awesome. A Poodle’s Nosework Adventure"


Sowjanya Vijayanagar, India: "Gentle Parenting and Applying the Idea to the Caregiving of Dogs"


Anne Lill Kvam, Norway: "Why we at PDTE focus on the importance of Nosework"

Silvia Deimeke, Switzerland: "Searching the Color Red. Scent Discrimination with a Kong Classic"


Beate Bjørnhom

Title of her presentation: "The physical advantages of search games"

"I have always been heavily interested in animals and animal welfare. In my career as a behavioral therapist as well as with my own dogs, I often saw a connection between behavioral problems and muscular issues. The lack of knowledge about muscle treatment, and without any muscle therapists who could look at dogs with serious behavioral issues, the frustration increased and I started the journey towards becoming a muscle therapist.


One of my many dog related passions is to make rehabilitation easy, natural and functional. Also as cheap as possible for the clients. This year I will speak about the physical benefits of search games with your dogs. How to make them more efficient and more targeted for common issues in the dog body.


I have owned and run Hundeskolen Syd in Mandal, Norway with Linn M. Hauge for more than 10 years."


  • Educated at Turid Rugaas' International Dog Training School in 2012-13

  • Dog massage therapist and certified Laser therapist since 2018

  • Galen Myotherapist since 2020


Stefania Acquesta

Title of her presentation: "Toad-tally Awesome. A Poodle’s Nosework Adventure"

"My name is Stefania Acquesta and I am a veterinary doctor, specializing in the behaviour of dogs, cats and small mammals ( Cavies, Rabbits, Ferrets, Pet Rats). I am also an IDTE Dog Trainer since 2010, and CR of PDTE for Italy.

At the end of last winter, I had the privilege of teaching my dog, Rei, to detect and locate the scent of endangered toads. These incredible creatures, during their migration, cross the road and reach their breeding grounds in the water. I taught my poodle, Rei, to find, through her senses these toads, which are often challenging to spot at night-time, even with lights and torches."


Silvia Deimeke

Title of her presentation: "Searching the Color Red. Scent Discrimination with a Kong Classic"

"When it comes to scent discrimination, every dog can demonstrate how good its nose is. There's hardly a dog that wouldn't be excited about it. Unfortunately, the entry point for us humans is often not quite as straightforward. Errors often occur in handling and selecting the scent or in linking the target scent with the necessary positive emotions. There are enough things that can spoil the work with scents for us humans. I would like to introduce you to a concept that is not only applicable for you at home but also suitable for a multi-week group course at your dog school, as it is very error resistant: The special search for a Kong Classic.

My lecture contains:

• Why we search for the color red?

• Imprinting, the fun way

• Emotions – create a well balanced noseworker

• Set up for success

• Fun and easy search games


With this presentation, I aim to not only inspire caregivers but also dog trainers to teach scent discrimination in their classes, making it an integral part of dogs' daily lives. The concept is also suitable for dogs with special needs, providing trainers and caregivers with the opportunity to support and help these dogs find their place in everyday life and within the group through nose work.


In 2009, I began my education as a dog trainer with Turid Rugaas and Anne Lill Kvam and embarked on an exciting journey. Since 2017 I have been the PDTE country representative for Switzerland. The basic professional training as a dog trainer SKN cumcane familiari® was supplemented by further education in the areas of puppy and young dog training, adult education, and dog psychological counseling. In November 2018, I successfully completed the course to become a certified CumCane® GoSniff trainer with Dr. Ute Blaschke-Bertold. Training together should be fun and sustainable, which is why it is important to me that the dog and human achieve their goals together and with joy at their own pace. Continuous education and good professional exchange with colleagues from all over the world are just part of being a dog trainer, like the daily walk."


Sowjanya Vijayanagar

Title of her presentation: "Gentle Parenting of Dogs"

"Gentle parenting has been gaining traction in the human parenting world and has seen a big difference in its effect on kids. I have been extrapolating these concepts and ideas and applying them in my caregiving and parenting approach towards my dogs and in my professional interactions. I would like to cover the following points in the talk

●      What is gentle parenting? What are the foundations of gentle parenting?

●      Why is this relevant to dogs?

●      Why opt for the gentle parenting approach?

●      An important discussion around boundaries and gentle parenting

●      Challenges we might face while using the gentle parenting approach


I will discuss all these points while taking the audience through some stories where we have used the gentle parenting approach with dogs

With this talk, I wish to give dog parents as well as professionals (not just behaviour but in other verticals too) some ideas on how they may navigate various situations and interactions with dogs (their own as well as other dogs they cross paths with).


Sowjanya is a certified Canine Behaviour Consultant after completing her BHARCS Applied Canine Biosociopsychology and Ethology Diploma from BHARCS, India and also the founder of Dog Pawmise. She is also an Associate Member of PDTE. She works with dog parents who struggle to understand and deal with their dogs. Her approach is to work on behaviours holistically and keep the dog's welfare at the centre of the work. The goal is to help the dog parents build a healthy and harmonious relationship with their dogs. This goal is heavily inspired by the ideas of Gentle Parenting, originally in the context of human kids, which she applies in her work with dogs and dog parents.

Her dogs, Sammy and Zoey, inspired her to embark on this learning journey, and they will forever be her teachers! Along with Sammy and Zoey, she is extremely grateful to her free-living dog friends (endearingly called streeties), who have helped her in her learning journey and continue to do so even today!"

You can reach Sowjanya via -



Instagram Handle: @dogpawmise

Facebook Page: Dog Pawmise


Anne Lill Kvam

Title of her presentation: "Why we at PDTE focus on the importance of Nosework"

(Further information coming soon.)


The AGM will start at 09:00 on Saturday, September 23.

The first presentation will start at 11:00. The conference will end at approximately 17:00.

All times are CEST.


Remember: This year the participation is free for all members!

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