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Changing your clocks this weekend? Spare a thought for your dog!

This weekend many of us will be setting our clocks forward for daylight saving time. We are likely to feel the effects of this, but what about our dogs? Just like us dogs have circadian rhythms (our body’s biological system of timekeeping) that regulate sleep, hunger and activity levels throughout each 24 hour period. In nature, these rhythms are triggered by natural sunlight, but as we well know this is not the case in most households, where mornings start with the blaring of an alarm clock and the turning on of lights. The circadian rhythms of us and our dogs are therefore not in synch with nature. In the same ways that we have to adjust our eating and sleeping patterns when we change our clocks, our dogs do as well. However they do not understand and we cannot explain the change to them. So your dog may need a little paw-holding after this weekend and a few extra cuddles and snuggles, if they like them. Some treat/pâté searches may also help to make them feel happy and relaxed!

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